So, I am studying here at the University of Groningen as a research master’s student and I’m looking for  people who are also passionate about the study of television here in Groningen and in other parts of The Netherlands! I am really into film and television fictions. But I LOVE television series the most! It’s an exciting time for television—both as a storytelling medium and as a communication/entertainment technology in transition. For the past two decades we have seen television fiction developed and mutated into something extraordinarily engaging in its form and content precipitated by changes in industrial, creative and technological circumstances. As a result, it could also mean that television as an art form is no longer an oxymoron! We have seen many exemplaries of television shows [although still predominantly American and British] that attest to the ‘Quality Television’ status–although the debate on what constitutes ‘quality’ is an exciting academic topic on its own and yet to be resolved. But irrespective of the debate, fictional television program has distinctive aesthetics, stylistic and narrational structure that are interestingly different to other narrative arts.From this perspective, can we ask then, how television tells its stories? Is it really different than film and other moving image media? And can we study it rigorously and methodically like other studies of established arts? Or probably, it is just as exciting to answer questions such as —‘is Lost the most innovative television series of the decade or ever?’; ‘what makes Mad Men a quality television fiction or not?’; ‘is Six Feet Under an art cinema adopted into television format?’; or just a simple question of ‘what is your all time favorite television fiction? And WHY?’—

If you find those questions intriguing and if you want to talk about television as an art form, then let’s talk! Join this forum and perhaps someday we all can have a little gathering. Groningen Telefiction Initiative is a start to garner more attention to the study of televsion, whether as an academic discourse or social practice in Groningen and especially at the Rijkuniversiteit Groningen!

Engage yourself!

Ari Ernesto P—

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